Uppa Magazine 2021
Editorial illustrations designed for Uppa, an Italian magazine about parenting, during 2021.
CLIENT: Uppa Magazine  |  AD: Francesca Grillo  |  ILLUSTRATION: DANIELE SIMONELLI - SAIL HO STUDIO​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
U P P A  #2 
Left: Who's afraid of the wolf?  |  Right: The light of the beginning: the birth
Bottom: Playing and educating with YouTube

U P P A  #3
Top: Assertiveness
Left: Do it yourself  |  Right: Talking about death to kids

U P P A  #4
Top: The power of silence
Left: Where are you Mati?  |  Right: The unwanted companion, pain

U P P A #5
Left: Playing with body and rhythm (the Horse game)  |  Right: Kids and politic

U P P A #6
Top Left: Do kids fall in love?  |  Top Right: Hope
Bottom: When the only topic between children is "Videogames"​​​​​​​
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